I'm a Singaporean living in Vancouver.  I explore mainly Singapore and Vancouver, where there is a huge variety of good quality food as both cities are so cosmopolitan.  Brownie, the hungry bear usually comes along on my travels.  Food drives the travel itinerary.
Brownie the hungry, alchy bear
I have recently started learning how to bake and cook, these pages chronicle my (mis)adventures.   One of the first few sweets I tried baking were caramel macarons.  Thanks to great instructions I was able to turn out a couple decent looking macarons and my love for this finicky treat grew.  Besides baking,  I crave Singaporean and Peranakan food and try to replicate my local favourites here as well.  

I'm now also a jewellery designer specializing in semi precious gems in silver and gold finish.  They are available on www.browniesparkles.com



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