Friday, February 7, 2014

Super Easy Roast Beef

After messing with a couple of recipes,   we finally decided this was the keeper.  It's a combination of Thomas Keller's Blow Torch Roast Beef recipe from his cookbook and the recipe from cookingforengineers.

D initially scoffed at using a blowtorch, but now he is won over by this recipe - Ha!  I used a small blow torch, the type you use for creme brulee but having won D over, he promptly headed to Home Depot and got me a serious blow torch that burns hot hot hot!

Super Easy Roast Beef 
  1. Pick a nice cut of beef - we found rib eye roast, organic, hormone or antibiotic free meat the best tasting
  2. Salt 3 days ahead and allow the beef to age in the refrigerator.  You can skip this step and salt it a day ahead instead. 
  3. Add pepper and garlic infused olive oil before searing the outside with a torch.
  4. Set oven to 200F.
  5. Stick meat thermometer into the center of the roast.
  6. Place in the middle of the oven till the thermometer reads 122F for an all round medium rare.  (It takes about 3-3 1/3 hours for a 2.7-3kg roast)
  7. Pull out roast and let rest for 15-20min tented.  The temperature should rise another 2-3F.
  8. Serve with horseradish cream, potatoes and a nice red wine. 

The best part of roast beef is the leftovers for a roast beef sandwich!!


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