Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brunch @ Tour de Feast

7 hour braised beef

Brunch is our favourite weekend treat. Not traveling too far, not having to wait too long for a seat or the food, good parking are a bonus.  We decided to try out Tour de Feast in North Vancouver.  It had recently opened and had good reviews.  Tour de Feast is operated by a husband and wife team, service was great as there weren't too many tables.  The chef is classical french trained and previously from Four Seasons - ok so far so good. When the food came, we were in for a treat :)

D had the 7 hour braised beef - a tad on the salty side but super tasty while I had the cassoulet.  It had me at sausage, bacon, porkconfit.  It was a  hearty breakfast of soft poached eggs, white navy beans, weisswurst, sausage, lardon bacon, swiss, confit pork & carrot. It was tasty and well balanced with the side of salad and potatoes. Doesn't the food remind you of Cafe Regalade?

If you pass by from the outside, it looks very nondescript and you wouldn't even guess that there is a bistro there.  Inside, it's a simple, casual atmosphere.  Limited parking available at the rear.

Tour de Feast
319 Mountain Hwy
North Vancouver
(604) 980-1811
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