Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We've walked by Kiisu tons of times but never thought to try it as we had our favourite Japanese places - Hamaei, Hachi Hana and Bene.  Kiisu is a small, cosy place and gets pretty crowded so best to go early.

Chopped Scallop Roll 
We started with the chopped scallop roll which was very fresh.  Then we had the toro stack - I think it was super healthy with black brown rice.  There was also a quail egg under that nori.  With the combination of avocado, tuna, green onion, quail egg and unagi sauce, this was D's favorite dish.
Toro Stack
I liked the crunch crunch roll.  We were greedy and ordered the full size portion of 12 pieces.  In hindsight, 2 of us could have easily been good with just 6 pieces.  The chef arranged it in a heart   Good thing it wasn't the first date.  Crunch Crunch roll was yummy.
Crunch Crunch Roll
We finished off with the spider roll, again very well executed, crispy soft shell crab with creamy avocado.
Spider Roll 
I've defintiely added this place to my list of places to go to when I have a craving for Japanese.

1532 Marine Drive
West Vancouver
Ki-Isu Sushi on Urbanspoon


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