Friday, July 27, 2012

Queen Elizabeth Park and Seasons In the Park

My mum loves flowers and since she was here in spring - I planned to take her to QE Park, Van Dusen and Butchart gardens.  It was a great time for rhododendruns which were in full bloom.  After a nice leisurely walk around Queen Elizabeth Park and taking many many photos with my mum, of my mum and a lot of the flowers, we headed to Seasons in the Park for some lunch.  We worked up quite an appetite but decided to share an appetizer of mussels so that we would have space for dessert later.  The mussels were very fresh and we soaked up most of the delicious sauce with the bread.  


After which we had the fish of the day and the sandwich of the day which were both quite yummy.  I had the sandwich and what's not to love about it - seared tuna, crabmeat and bacon.  
Fish of the Day
Sandwich of the Day: Seared Tuna, Crabmeat, Bacon
Yummy Fries
Trio of Sorbet
We finished the meal with some sorbet.  It was an enjoyable meal - girls lunch out :)  
Seasons in the Park is a large restaurant with a great view of Vancouver.  It's very touristy and can accomodate large tour groups.  On a nice day, make sure to reserve a spot on the patio and enjoy the lovely scenery. Oh and if you are there from 3-6pm, they have a special Mad about Mussels promotion - mussels, frites and a beer for just $12.  
If you're already there for the food, check out QE Park for the gorgeous views.
Vancouver, BC

Seasons in the Park 
Queen Elizabeth Park
West 33rd Avenue at Cambie Street
Tel:  +1 604 874 8008

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