Friday, April 13, 2012

Au Petit Chavignol

I signed a confidentiality agreement for a friends stagette/ hen night - no photos or stories of what happened or else ... but I can safely share what we ate that day.  Part 1 - Lunch at Au Petit Chavignol, Part II - Dinner at Terracotta Modern Chinese,  Part III - Dessert at Thierry.  Poor bride to be - piled on the calories that day.

I was eyeing the Pig Ass Sandwich (pork confit sandwich) but was told that they didn't serve it during Saturday lunch - oh well, next time round.  I settled for the cheese burger instead and added bacon which was perfectly crisp on each bite...mmmm.

The other thing on the menu that I eyed was the crispy pork belly eggs benny - J had it and she said it was pretty good.  The others enjoyed their meals too.

Mr Crunch (Croque Monsieur)
Croque Madame 
Daily Salad
Eggs Benny with Pork Belly
Au Petit Chavignol is supposed to have good cheeses which I can't really attest too cos I don't really eat much cheese but they did have a couple of cheese platters to choose from and a large choice in menu given that is it is quite a small cosy place.  All I can say is that I'll be back to try more... It doesn't hurt that we were served by a cute French waiter who took our photo while we said "Fromage". 

Au Petit Chavignol (update: April 2013 closed)
843 E. Hasting Street
Au Petit Chavignol on Urbanspoon


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