Monday, March 26, 2012

Villa Zolitude - Phuket Part 1

A week of bliss in Phuket - everyone asked - what are you going to do in Phuket for a week?  Eat and relax?  We were just going to wing it and decide when we got there.  I love Thai food and it seems pretty difficult to get authentic Thai food in Vancouver.  

We stayed at Villa Zolitude in one of their grand pool villas on the top level.   I love the layout of the 2-storey villa, bedroom upstaris as you enter and the pool, deck, outdoor shower and TV room downstairs.  Everything was pretty well thought out.  However, this property isn't brand new and you know how everything in the tropics just wears down faster.  We also had a resident "chichak" or local lizard sharing our room.

Though the resort was pretty far from everything, service was very personal and the dining room served pretty decent Thai food - good enough for me :)  Check out the next post for food photos.

Public beach - 25min drive away

Villa Zolitude Grand Pool Villa
Super Comfy Bed

Private deck & pool

Public Pool and Pool Table right at the end

View from Villa
Villa Zolitude


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