Friday, March 23, 2012

Sea Canoe Adventures - John Gray's Phuket

During our stay in Singapore, we took off for a week to Phuket which is about a 2 hour flight from Singapore.  It's one of my favourite islands to visit - plenty of resorts to choose from, decent infrastructure, lots of activities and of course plenty of beaches.  

Warning - tons of photos in this post as I had such a great time.  This was a sea canoe trip starting at mid day till evening called Hong by Starlight    I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  It really made my trip to Phuket memorable besides spending time with D of course :)  Anyone has other activities to recommend in Phuket?
John Gray's Sea Canoe Brownie in Cave

Phuket Lagoon

Above was the first cave we went to, they told us because of the tides, this was only accessible 4 days a month.  Cool, we were so lucky.  I was glad that we went on this trip as they a guide per couple to canoe us into the sea caves - now this is the type of outdoor adventure that I like hahah, just sit and relax in the canoe.  We started into this narrow entrance and halfway through, the guide tells us to lie down flat in the canoe.  The guide seemed to know what he was doing - then we got stuck, the guide said don't worry and started letting air out of the sea canoe - whoosh whoosh whoosh and the water started rising in the sea canoe - hmmmm.  It was dark and we could hear the guide straining to get us through... more air whoosh whoosh, more water rising and we were still lying down in the rising water.    Finally, after a lot of tugging and pushing, we made it through and entered a peaceful lagoon with crabs and mudskippers and lots of vegetation.  
Phuket Sky

Phang Nga Bay

Brownie  and Coffee

John Gray's Seacanoe Entering the Lagoon

Making the "Kratong"

You must be wondering where the food pictures are - so here goes:  This was the dinner spread - cooked on board the boat.  Not bad eh...It was very tasty, they start by serving some warm seafood tom yam soup to warm you up before you dig into the food.  Just eat  and enjoy and make sure you don't look at the kitchen.  If you did you'd probably not touch anything.

After dinner, we saw a bat cave and then lit the kratong and looked at the bio luninescene in the water - uber cool.
Bat Cave
Lit Kratong and luminescene in the water
I was a bit worried as Tripadvisor had some reviews that said that the trips were getting overcrowded.  It was crowded and I did wish that it wasn't so crowded but once you're in the canoe, it's just 2 people and the guide so not too bad.   The facilities on the boat is very rustic - but it was such a fun and beautiful experience that I can overlook that.  

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