Monday, March 12, 2012

Resorts World - Malaysian Food Street

It was just after Chinese New Year on a weekday that we decided to head to the newly opened Malaysian Food Street.  Resorts World Singapore went on a hunt and gathered the best of the best of Malaysian street food.  I was super excited.  I should have taken it as a sign when we couldn't find parking after going round and round to forget it and just leave. When we finally found a lot and headed up, we saw a queue to get into the Malaysian Food Street.  They have crowd control so that it doesn't get too crowded inside this 500 seater place apparently.  Wow. Ok the queue was moving but the security guy said 30-45min.  Since we were here, we decided to wait.  Brownie got to do the touristy thing and take his photo while waiting in the queue.

When we finally get in, the inside is done up nicely, with shophouses and five-foot ways -all very nostalgic.  However I'm hot, hungry and thirsty and it's really lost on me... It is still very crowded inside and most of the stalls have a 30min wait for food....argh!

We gather all the food and try each dish and I kept getting more and more disappointed with the quality of the food except the lor bak which was so worth the wait.  Was it just newly opened operating issues and they couldn't handle the volume? resulting in super slow service and mediocre food?  perhaps, hopefully it is better now.

Lor Mee
Hokkien Prawn Mee
Lor Bak
Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice Balls 

Crazy queues outside as well as inside 
Was it worth the queue and the long wait time just to get in and then queue again for the food?  After dragging my mum, my brother and D along to wait in the hot sun, I wasn't going to say so then.... but deep down I knew it was Definitely not worth it.  It was nice to try out the Malaysian food street but there are plenty of better Singaporean hawkers around.  The only thing I would crave is the Lor Bak.  If you've been there, what did you think?

Resorts World Malaysian Food Street


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