Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese - II - Singapore

Chinese New Year was just round the corner and every Chinese restaurant in Singapore will serve up a variation of what we call "lou hei","yushang" or prosperity toss.  There is usually radish, carrots, pickles, sesame seeds, lime, cinnamon, pepper and plum sauce just to name a few.  Each ingredient has a special meaning bringing luck and good fortune...but that explanation requires a dedicated post someday as there are so many ingredients.   The "lou hei" at Imperial Treasures was pretty tasty.  I always enjoy this treat during the new year.
Imperial Treasure Lou Hei
Lou Hei
Imperial Treasures Fine Chinese has become my favourite place to get Peking Duck.  It's the best I've ever eaten - very little fat, super cripsy duck skin, nice soft flour wrap, a bit of crunch from the sugar and the sauce is just right.  Only a small section of skin is served up, the rest of the duck is served up with skin and meat.  In Singapore, most of the Peking duck served is just the skin, Imperial Treasures serves it up slightly differently but I like it.  I like it so much that I even told my mum that 2 of us could finish 1 duck - I take that back now.  Maybe 3 people....
Imperial Treasure Peking Duck
Peking Duck
After finishing up the skin, the rest of the duck meat is minced with chestnuts and some spring onions and wrapped in lettuce leaves as a second dish.
Imperial Treasure Minced Duck and Lettuce
Minced Duck and Lettuce Leaves
We had a token vegetable with crabmeat - super tasty.
Imperial Treasure Crabmeat and Mixed Veg
Crabmeat and Vegetables
We also ordered a steamed "sun hock".
Imperial Treasure Steamed Sun Hock Fish
Steamed "Sun Hock" Fish
Followed by scallop with eggwhite and truffle oil -  another of my favourites here.  Anything with truffle oil just tastes that much better doesn't it?  Anyways, the scallops are nicely seared and well done.
Imperial Treasure Eggwhite and Scallop with Truffle Oil
Eggwhite with Scallop and Truffle Oil
Another dish that you should try is the chicken stuffed with glutinous rice.  You need to order this a day in advance.  The chicken skin is crisp and the chicken is very moist.  If you like glutinous rice, it's a good combination.  I found it slightly on the salty side but it was ooh so very good.
Imperial Treasures Chicken Stuffed with Glutionous RIce
Chicken Stuffed with Glutinous Rice
Imperial Treasures  Chicken Stuffed with Glutinous Rice

Finally we decided on desserts ... I'm not sure what this one below is called but it is deep fried, crisp and hollow inside.   I'm impressed at how thin the skin is once you bite into it.
Imperial Treasure dessert
Deepfried Puff with Sesame Seeds
Imperial Treasure Durian Mochi
Durian Mochi
Red Bean Pastry
Imperial Treasure Nian Gao
Panfried "Nian Gao"
Fried "Nian Gao" is another typical dessert during chinese new year.  I don't particularly like it but this one wasn't too sweet and had a crisp skin.   

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Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese
Marina Bay Sands
Level 2
Tel: +65 6688 7788


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