Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vancouver Christmas Market

It's been a gorgeous week in Vancouver, sunny and dry and everyone is out to take advantage of the great weather.  I went for a couple of walks along the seawall in the morning - take a look at these views.
I also decided to take a look at the outdoor Vancouver Christmas market.  This is the second time they've put up this Christmas market and is based on a German Christmas tradition.  They have stalls selling handcrafted german christmas ornaments which are very unusual.  If you're looking for christmas ornaments, this is the place to check out.  They tend to be a bit pricer than those made in china but these ornaments are the kind you can envision passing generation to generation.

I got to the market just past 11am and there were already quite a few people walking around.  There was also live entertainment, it had a very festive atmosphere and I think it would be nice in the evening and everything is lit up.  There were some activities for the kids as well, decorating gingerbread men, candles and the little carousel.  

The pork knuckle on the rotisserie at Hendl and Haxn Rotisserie looked amazing so I decided to go for the pork knuckle sandwich as I didn't think that I could finish a whole pork knuckle.   The sandwich was the most pathetic looking sandwich I've seen, hardly any pork knuckle and could have passed off as a vegetarian sandwich.  It was so disappointing and so unsatisfying that I had to go get something else to eat. 

I walked round the market and decided on a Bavarian smokie from Black Forest Meat and Sausages.  Now that hit the spot. 
After that I was just right but I eyed a couple of desserts at the market, the artisan chocolate shop, the chocolate fondue and the waffles place but I resisted.  I also thought that the warm apple cider would be great to sip as you walk around the market too. 

Check out all the other food places at  If you go during lunch on a weekday from 11am-2pm, there is a 2 for 1 deal where you pay only $2 for admission for 2 but you have to go to the website to print out a lunch pass

Vancouver Christmas Market
Nov 24 -Dec24, 2011
Open Daily 11am-9pm
The Plaza at Queen Elizabeth Theatre


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