Sunday, December 4, 2011

Montana's Cookhouse

We started off with the wings which were hot and spicy and great with beer. Followed by D's standard order at Montana's is the Honkin beef rib - terribly tasty, tender,  fall of the bone and as the name suggests quite large.  You'll be hard pressed to finish 2 ribs especially since they come with 2 sides. 
Doubledusted Chicken Wings
Honkin Beef Rib (Large)
I had the sliders the last time round and was set on a burger but they have since taken them off the menu so I settled for the firecracker burger.  It satisfied my craving just as well - I liked the finely sliced fried onions  and the hot sauce that topped the burger.  
Chipotle Firecracker Burger
Update: D went recently and said that the ribs weren't as tender as they were usually so not sure if the standard has slipped. 

Montana's Cookhouse
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