Monday, December 19, 2011

Hapa Umi

Hapa Umi's ambience is understated, a lot of dark wood and greys with an open concept kitchen.  A good casual place for first dates.  We ate rather early on Friday evening so it wasn't too crowded which is exactly the way I like it.

Dynamite -  Tempura white prawn, green beans, kaiware, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
Umi Roll - Dungeness crab, avocado, mayo, ahi tuna, pickled onion vinaigrette
Spicy Chopped Scallops - Scallops, cucumber, egg crepe wrapping
The rolls were excellent, very fresh and had well balanced flavours.  A slight twist from the usual rolls you find at Japanese restaurants here.
Fanny Bay Tempura Oysters
I was expecting the oysters to be very crisp but the tempura oyster batter was a bit chewy and reminded me of the agedashi tofu batter.  I think because there was sauce drizzled over it, it lost a bit of the crispness.  The oysters were very tasty but some were not as fresh as I would have liked.
Chicken Karaage
The deep fried chicken was very tasty as well and I enjoyed it very much.  D didn't really know what to make of the chimichuri sauce but I thought it went quite well after the first few bites.   The coleslaw was a nice touch but was a tad too salty for my taste buds.
Kakuni and Scallop
I can't resist pork belly and scallop so when I saw they combined the 2 in 1 dish.  I had to have it.

Overall, the presentation was very pretty and it was a decent meal.  I think it'll be a great place for supper as they open till late.  A huge plus is the excellent service.  By the way,  the lunch menu has additional lunch sets and fish tacos and apparently the fish tacos are very good.  I enjoyed the meal here so I'll be back to check out this place soon during lunch.

Hapa Umi
909 West Cordova St
Waterfront Centre Office Tower 
Tel: 604 420 4272
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