Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bearfoot Bistro - Whistler

A week after I came back from Singapore, we took off for a weekend in Whistler in early Novemeber.  Given that it was off season, the drive up was extremely pleasant.  The village was eerily quiet - I've never seen it so empty before.  Parking was a breeze. 

I decided to start with some oysters.  I like my oysters with just a splash of lemon juice and these were perfect as they were extremely fresh.  The horseradish and the red wine vinaigrette was  a good complement too.  
Oysters on Half Shell, Fresh Horseradish and Lemon
D had the fennel cured artic char, it was a nice meld of flavours and the puffed quinoa gave the dish a nice crunchy finish.
Fennel Cured Artic Char
Preserved Lemon, Whipped Yogurt Compressed Cucumber,  Puffed Quinoa
We had a yummy palate cleanser before starting on our mains of buffalo and beef cheek.  Again, nice flavours that highlighted the fresh produce.   I always look forward to dessert and the desserts sure didn't disappoint.  I'll definitely be back again. 
Cranberry, Lychee and Champagne Granita
Peace County Buffalo Bavette
Ragout of Spaetzle, Pancetta and Green Olivekale, Oven Dried Cherry Tomato
Slow Braised Heritage Angus Beef Cheek
Butternut Squash Puree, Brown Butter Veal Jus Brussel Sprout and Hazelnut Salad 

Praline and Citrus 
Gianduja Cream, Candied Hazelnuts, Banana Citrus Sorbet
Apple and Caramel
Maple Smoked Salt Parfait, Apple Pave Sour Cream Sherbert,  Bacon

Bearfoot Bistro
4121 Village Green
Whistler, BC, Canada
V0N 1B4
Tel: 604 932 3433

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