Monday, November 21, 2011

Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang - Singapore

From the time I got back to Singapore,  I had a craving for nasi padang - especially the one on Circular Road.   You can't miss it as there is always a queue during lunch time.  I heard that the chef is from Hotel Rendezvous which is famous for the nasi padang.  Anyone can confirm that?  Anyways, every time I made it down to Raffles Place,  it was pouring and we couldn't get to Sinar Pagi without getting soaked.   Finally, after the third try, even though it was overcast, we made it there.  

We chose to order small dishes and shared - that way we could have more variety.   You can also order individually where you just choose your own dishes and they serve it on your own plate of rice.  

They serve chicken cooked in a variety of ways - all of them are good, especially the ones with sauce but the fried chicken tends to be hit and miss, sometimes, super juicy and tender, sometimes a tad dry.  I always order the tahu telor too.  A couple of my other favourites are the beef lung, squid ink sotong, begedil and the brinjal.  Sinar Pagi has an extensive spread, just go take a look for yourself and pick what you like, everything looks very appetizing. 
Chicken Rendang
Chicken Curry
Tahu Telor
Squid Ink Sotong
Long Beans
Assam Fish
Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang
13 Circular Road


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