Thursday, November 3, 2011

Santi - Singapore

I have been so busy eating and catching up with family and friends in Singapore that I got lazy and haven't been posting for awhile.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  It gets really daunting when I'm sorting through thousands of photos from my holidays and all these yummy food shots.  So bear with me as there are going to be a lot of photo heavy posts coming up. 

Santi has a warm, rustic charm about it.  Besides the restaurant, they also have a bar area where you can enjoy a glass of wine and tapas pre dinner or pre theatre.

Since it was my first time at Santi, I decided to go for the tasting menu.  Brownie joined us too.
Brownie @ Santi
To start off, we had a gorgeous selection of breads that you can choose from,  I tried a couple but my favourites were the iberico ham bread and the pumpkin bread.

Bread selection and our friendly server 
Pumpkin and Iberico Ham Bread - My Favs 
Followed by some vegetable chips and a catalan dip.  The vegetable chips were delicious on their own and very addictive.
Vegetable Chips with Catalan Dip
The amuse bouche was a fish escabeche and a gazpacho which was very refreshing.
Escabeche and Gazpacho

I usually associate bamboo clams with chinese food prepared with tons of garlic and steamed but never raw, there is a first for everything and it tasted surprisingly sweet and went well with the cold cherry soup.  I liked all the dishes, however if I had to pick my favourite dish, it had to be the grilled foie gras and smoked eel - so very very decadent.       
Bamboo Clam and Langoustine Tartar
Cold Cherry Soup, Burrata and Salicome
Grilled Baby Calamari Salad
Tatare Sauce, Asparagus and Citrus 
Octopus "A La Plancha"
Topinambour Soup and Baby Artichokes Stew
Grilled Foie Gras and Smoked Eel
Wild Mushrooms and White Butter Sauce
Fish and  Beef Tongue
Vegetables "a la ravigote" and red wine sauce 
Suckling Pig
Potato Gnocchi and Fava Beans 
Since most of the table don't really enjoy cheese, we requested for the milder flavoured cheeses which they presented below.
Cheese Plate
Dessert Wine
I always look forward to desserts and loved their variety of tasting desserts.
Marinated peach with Peach Sorbet
Kaffir Lime Jelly
Passion Fruit Pavlova with pineapple
Red wine reduction fig and sabayon, almond sorbet
Paco and Pepe
Paco, the sommelier, was very friendly and knowledgeable and passionate about the wines.  He is quite a personality :)    Pepe showed us the kitchen which looks almost as big as the restaurant - no longer busy as it was near the end of the night.   What a nice way to end the meal :) Service was impeccable.
Santi's Kitchen
Santi has gorgeous presentation, tastes and flavours.   After a leisurely 3 and a half hours later, high on good food and company, a very happy belly, we headed home.  Be sure to make reservations, though it was a weekday night,  Santi was very full.  They change their menu quite frequently as they source fresh seasonal foods so I'll definitely be back again soon.  

Marina Bay Sands 
Level 2
Tel: +65 6688 8501


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