Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rise - Singapore

Rise is located in the hotel lobby of Marina Bay Sands which has grand, high ceilings.  Ambience is good for a buffet restaurant, bustling yet not too noisy that you can't hear your dining companions.  When we went on a weekday night, it was pretty filled up.  Rise has a wide variety of food and below is just a sampling of the buffet.   The spread looked good, though I think it was hit and miss quality wise.  I focused on the appetizers and skipped much of the mains at the buffet so that I could eat more dessert.  I personally liked the egg tart and the ice cream.  The marshmallows were pretty good too especially when dipped in the chocolate fountain.   Take a look at the sampling of the spread.

Jambon Ham sliced in front of you
Good dessert variety

Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Atrium, Tower 1


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