Friday, November 25, 2011

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese - Singapore

My whole family has put on weight since I got back and I'd like to think that there is little correlation.   Oh well,  I can wish.   Anyways, we always tend to over order when we go to Chinese restaurants because everything looks good so we made a conscious effort to order light when we went to Imperial Treasure.  

We wanted to start with the daily soup which was lotus root soup - our favourite but they were out already and it wasn't even 730pm yet.  Oh well,  we'll start with fatty roast pork then followed by some jelly fish, peking duck and fried chicken.  Not quite so healthy or light -  we tried.

In general the food was very good and enjoyable.  The Peking Duck came and they expertly cut it up crispy skin and all.  The flour skin was thin and a bit chewy, coupled with the sauce and the skin and some sugar.  Delicious...even the meat was super tender.  I've not seen Peking Duck served with sugar before but it gives the Peking Duck roll a nice sweet crunch. This is the best Peking Duck that I've eaten in years.  I'll be happy just coming back to eat the Peking Duck :)
Roast Pork
Jelly Fish
Expert Cutting of Peking Duck

Crispy Peking Duck Skin
Peking Duck Skin and Meat

Lemon Chicken
Spinach with Salted Egg, Century Egg and Egg 
Mango Sago with Pomelo
Yam Paste with Pumpkin
Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese
Marina Bay Sands
Level 2


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