Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hide Yamamoto - Singapore

We passed by Hide Yamamoto when we went to Imperial Treasures and checked out their menu.  I hadn't had any Japanese food in Singapore yet and was craving for some.  On the last day before I flew back to Vancouver, we decided to check out Hide Yamamoto for lunch.   Yes - I have lots of cravings when I come back to Singapore and have to cram as much food as possible in.  6 weeks just isn't enough time to eat everything on my list.  

Hide Yamamoto has different concepts in the restaurant, a sushi counter, a teppanyaki counter and a few private rooms which are great for entertaining.   It looked rather small on the outside but once you walk in, it is quite a large area.  Anyways,  it wasn't very crowded and we got a quiet corner - perfect.  After looking at their menu, we decided to try their set lunches.  

Set Lunch 1 
The grilled mackerel was super fresh and it was a good sized portion.  It's not easy to cook fish just so.  The mackerel was nicely grilled, crisp skin and tender flesh.  A touch of lemon and a bit of daikon - simple yet so tasty.

Grilled Mackerel

Set Lunch 2 
The beef was unexpectedly tender and very flavourful.  It was almost buttery and melted in your mouth.  The rich main was well matched with the light dessert of sorbet - such a refreshing way to end the meal.

Green Apple Sorbet and Plum Sorbet
Set Lunch 3 
The sushi set was very fresh and I enjoyed it very much.  The chocolate ice-cream, whipped cream and mouse topped with crunchy chocolate balls and delicate wafer and jelly on the bottom - yum, a perfect end to the meal.  

Chocolate Ice Cream
We enjoyed the meal and will be back again when I need a Japanese food fix.

Hide Yamamoto
Marina Bay Sands
Level 2


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