Monday, September 5, 2011

Whistler Farmers' Market

Whistler Farmer's Market 

It was a gorgeous weekend in Whistler with highs of 30C.  We headed to the Whistler Farmer's market at the base of Blackcomb to get some Kettle corn.  The queue was the longest at the kettle corn and lemonade stand - the guy was literally popping corn non-stop to deal with the never-ending queue.  

Kettle Corn
We tried a baked good from Pure Breads...
Pure Bread
Then we sampled some reduced balsamic at Nona Pia and ended up buying the strawberry and fig flavour.
Nona Pia's Gourmet Sauces
I saved the best for last - right at the end of the farmer's market was Pat's Pulled Pork -  we shared one sandwich then went back for another.  Resist the baked goods, pies and crepes and head to Pat's Pulled Pork.
Pat's Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauce 
Whistler Farmer' Market (19th June - 9th Oct, Wed and Sun 2011)


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