Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marche des Quai - Bordeaux

Sundays in Bordeaux - relaxed and laid back.

We decided to head out to an outdoor market in Chatrons.  It was sunny when we left our hotel but the weather turned very fast and we were caught in a heavy downpour.  Luckily, within half an hour, the sun began to peak out from the clouds.  Despite the sudden downpour, people were still out and about enjoying the oysters and beer, roasted chicken and ham, organic cheeses, fresh seafood and produce as well as baked breads.  
Garonne River - View from the market

After wandering through the market, we decided to follow the herd and joined the long queues for the organic cheese and rotisseries so we got a baguette, some cheese, a chicken and some ham to snack on. Go for the little mini ham - it was soooo good!
Organic Cheeses
After the market, we walked a little  further down the Quay to Quai des Marques, a factory outlet and restaurant strip.  It's nothing like the factory outlets in the US but  it is a nice walk by the River Garonne.  Grab lunch or have a snack at the many restaurants and cafes and drink in the relaxed atmosphere.  They all have a good view of the River Garonne and the skyline of the historical city centre.  It's a bonus that it's open on Sundays as well.

Marche des Quai
Quai des Chatrons
Sundays: 7am -2pm
Tram Stop: Tram B - Chatrons

Other markets in Bordeaux:
Marche des Capuchins
Place Capuchin
Closed on Mondays


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