Thursday, August 25, 2011

Snacks in Whistler

Classic Poutine

First stop Zog's at the base of Whistler.  This is my favourite snack in Whistler.  French fries with cheese curds and gravy.  You can get it with sausages too.  The hot gravy melts the cheese curds and makes it all gooey.  Soooo good.  Loads of people come here for their hot dogs too.  You help yourselves to the fried onions to top off the hot dog - it must be delish - just look at the queue. 
Zog's Dogs on Urbanspoon

We take the poutine and watch people biking down the mountain with all their protective gear, once in awhile you see the ambulance coming down the mountain.  We see quite a few people in casts and crutches too.  Not too much activity as it must be lunch break.
There is a festival going on and Whistler Village is packed.  Many more people milling around than in winter.  I suspect that it is because of the gorgeous weather too, it hit 30C.  

To cool off we head off looking for some gelato.  We spy Bocca Gelato right next to La Bocca.

I decide on a double scoop hazelnut and a chocolate based one with walnuts, brownies and fudge.  Definitely helped cool off.  If you're a chocolate lover, the chocolate one is the way to go.  The hazelnut didn't have much taste as the strong chocolate flavour probably dulled my taste buds.
La Bocca on Urbanspoon
We wandered around some more and stopped by some of my favourite shops.  Hatley now serves up gelato as well.

I was tempted to try a scoop but will save it for another trip.  Don't you just think that these T-shirt slogans are just hilarious.  We couldn't resist and got a couple of T-shirts.

Still peckish and looking for another snack we stumbled onto Ingrid's - a good place for take away sandwiches and wraps.  They have quite a large menu and seemed like they had a good choice of veggie burgers too.  We settled on a Hot Reuben - nicely toasted, a little thin on the meat but tasted good with the mustard, cheese and sauerkraut.  
Ingrid's Village Café on Urbanspoon
Finally,  nicely filled up and satisfied, we head back to rest up for dinner at Aura.


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