Monday, August 22, 2011

La Rua - Whistler

La Rua brings back fond memories for me.   When D and I were dating, this was the first restaurant that we went to in Whistler.  I enjoyed the food then and I enjoy the food now.  It has a warm and cosy atmosphere.

We were off to a good start with the simple but tasty amuse bouche and bread.  The seafood salad that followed was light and refreshing.  I admit I wasn't too adventurous but I was feeling like having seafood today as I think it makes for a lighter meal.
Seafood Salad
Chilled spot prawns, scallops and squid with shaved fennel, frisse, pimento  shallots, fresh lemon basil olive oil
D ordered the tuna which was well seasoned and seared.  I've not heard of Singapore slaw before and was curious to see what they would serve. Again this was a very refreshing dish and I thought the lime ginger vinaigrette and ponzu sauce went well with the tuna.    
BC Albacore
Togarashi spiced rare tuna, Singapore slaw, lime ginger vinaigrette; ponzu sauce
For the main, D had the duck x 2 and I have to admit that I was eyeing the duck through the meal.  A very hearty portion plus you get some risotto too which is one of D's favourites.  This dish give you the best of both worlds with the crispy duck confit and a duck breast.   What's not to like?
Duck x 2
Honey and thyme glazed breast, confit leg, scallion risotto; orange sour chili sauce
I had the bouillabaisse and while some of the seafood wasn't as fresh as I would have liked, it had a very good broth that we soaked up with the bread and crostini.  The crab legs can get rather messy to eat but D was a darling and peeled the crabs for me :) I'm allergic to peeling shellfish.  Really!!!
West Coast Bouillabaise
Crab legs, shellfish, prawns; local fish, tomato saffron broth, espellette pepper rouille and crostinis
To finish we had the ice cream sandwiches and a peanut butter and jam bar.   The ice cream sandwiches were ok but the PBnJ bar was ooh sooo good.    I don't really eat PBnJ sandwiches but I really liked this dessert and for those who love PBnJ, this dessert will be right up your alley.
Young Again
Chocolate, Strawberry and vanilla ice cream sandwiches, crunchy pearls
PBJ Bar 
For me, the best dishes were the tuna, duck and the PBJ Bar.

4557 Blackcomb Way
WhistlerBC V0N
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