Monday, August 8, 2011

Humphry Slocombe - San Francisco

Secret Breakfast & Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee
It was the last day in San Francisco, D asked if I wanted to see anything else?  I was good sightseeing wise but I had a couple of food stops I wanted to make.  I couldn't pass up trying ice cream, doughnuts and more baked goods.   You'd have thought that after 6 days of non-stop eating we would have been stuffed to the gills.

First stop, Humphry Slocombe.  We tasted a couple and settled on the secret breakfast, blue bottle vietnamese coffee and a chocolate one.   I liked the secret breakfast - it must be because of the bourbon.  It also had a nice crispy crunch to it in the form of toasted cornflakes.  You must be thinking what a gross combination but I really enjoyed it.  Not so much to D's taste though he really liked the blue bottle vietnamese coffee.  They have really out of whack and unusual mix of flavours that I would like to try the next time we're in SF.  

2790 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Humphry Slocombe on Urbanspoon

After our ice cream fix, we walked to to Dynamo Donuts but they were mostly out of doughnuts- I snagged the last passion fruit chocolate one - yumm.  I'm sure those behind me in the queue were cursing because it was very very good.

After that we headed for Tartine Bakery - the queue was out the door and people continued to keep coming.   Most of the things I had wanted to try were all sold out so I settled on a mexican wedding cookie, a meringue kiss and a croissant.  Loved the mexican wedding cookie.  So soft and crumbly in your mouth.  Must be all that butter.


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