Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Harmony Arts Festival West Vancouver

Lots of festivals in Vancouver this long BC day weekend.  We decided to check out the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver which run from 29 July - 7 Aug.  It stretches from 14th -17th street along Argyle Avenue.  We started off from John Lawson Park, where most kids get distracted and want to play instead.   
I get distracted by the beautiful view.  It makes me fall in love with Vancouver again and again -  I still haven't tired of the view yet.
On the John Lawson Park end, there is a main stage with tons of performances through the day.  Bring your own picnic basket if none of the food here catches your fancy.  We wandered further and interspersed between the vendors and the stages are some art exhibitions - our token bit of culture.  There were some good photography and artists who were showing.  
Vendors selling art, jewellery, wood carvings, pottery, clothes

At the other end nearer Millennium Park are more food vendors and the Wine Garden with a cosy set up.  They have more live performances through the day.  Chill out here and have some food and some wine.
Wine Garden 
We walk the entire length of the festival before deciding on the Italian Sausage sandwich on lightly toasted ciabatta topped with tomato sauce and caramelized onions.  Mmm ....  
Italian Sausage from Mangia E Bevi
Italian Sausage had a good bite to it
There was a huge line up at Dunn's for their montreal smoked meat sandwiches but we passed on this. 
Dunn's Smoked Montreal Meat Sandwiches & Poutine
We walk back towards Black Forest Deli and ordered up a Bavarian smokie -  good crunch to the sausage  but I liked the Italian sausage better.  Both were very good.
Bavarian Smokie from Black Forest 
There is something to be said about a good view and food tasting better :).  It was a lovely afternoon out having lunch at the beach and exploring the various vendors at the festival.  It's supposed to be nice, warm and dry for the rest of the week so go on down and check out the Harmony Arts Festival

Harmony Arts Festival - West Vancouver
29 July - 7 Aug 2011 


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