Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bouchon Bistro - Yountville

We made reservations 2 months in advance and were really looking forward to dining at Bouchon.  The interior looks like a plush french bistro, warm, lively and bustling.  We wanted to try so many things that we both decided on having a salad, soup and a main.  At the end I had no space for dessert which is a rarity as I have an extremely sweet tooth.

I usually can't say no to pork belly so I started with the glazed pork belly -  this was the best dish of the day, as I loved the flavours of the salad, especially how well the pickled cherries went with the savoury.  The lobster bisque came a very close second.
Bouchon Bistro Glazed Pork Belly

glazed pork belly, white asparagus, frisée, pickled cherries and egg yolk confit
with warm bacon vinaigrette
Bouchon Bistro Steak Tatare
Steak Tatare
Bouchon Bistro Onion Soup
Onion Soup
The onion soup was a bit bitter for my taste and D finished most of it for me.
Bouchon Bistro Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque
Bouchon Bistro Grilled Beef Brisket

grilled beef brisket, braised radishes, fava beans
 and potato confit with wagyu tongue vinaigrette (I think)
As my main arrived,  I eyed my neighbours mussels and fries.  Next time perhaps -  I can't resist fries.
Bouchon Bistro Sole

roulade of petrale sole, bouchot mussels; Maine lobster
with globe artichokes, fennel hearts; mussel cream
There is so much hype about Thomas Keller and Bouchon that we had very high expectations.  For French bistro food, the dishes were well executed and tasty but there wasn't a dish that really wowed.  The bread was very good and is baked by Bouchon Bakery next door which supplies bread to French Laundry and Ad Hoc as well.

Regardless, dining at Bouchon is still an experience that you shouldn't miss. 

Bouchon Bistro - Yountville
6534 Washington St
(707) 944 8037
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