Saturday, June 25, 2011

Napa Valley - Day 2

I'm so behind in my posting so here goes the next part of my SF trip.
Day 2 in Napa and we had a very early start.  All the stops today required appointments.  Call ahead. First stop Pride Mountain Vineyards at 9am.  Luckily we didn't have a full brekkie as it was a very windy road leading up to Pride Mountain Vineyards.  I don't travel well and get a bit car sick at times.

Once you get there though, you get a beautiful beautiful view.  Totally worth the drive.
Pride Mountain Vineyards Tasting Room
View from Pride Mountain Patio
Wine Caves
Private Dining Room with a BBQ on the patio
It was a small group of 10 and our guide walked us around the property explaining and tasting as we went.  It was a very cosy set up.

Behrens Family Vineyards
One of the most unique wine tasting experience ever.  Thoroughly enjoyable and I loved the reds though I usually mostly drink whites.
BB going after the chicken on the patio of Behrens  
Lucy - short for Lucifer (there was a wine named after Lucy Behrens & Hitchcocks Chien Lunatique)
Lucy sat next to D right through the wine tasting listening intently.  I think he/she likes Shiraz.
Wine Tasting Room
Very quaint set up don't you think?

Cody greets you at the entrance then follows you in then slumps lazily in the shade.
Making friends
Gorgeous Views
Good place to kick back and enjoy the views. 

It was an enjoyable day.  D outdid himself in planning the schedule :)

We finished off the day with a wonderful dinner at Redd.  (See earlier post)


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