Monday, June 27, 2011

Hawksworth @ Hotel Georgia Again

Hawksworth again?  Yup - I couldn't resist.  There were so many dishes on the menu that I still wanted to try.  For starters I was very tempted by the dungeness crab salad.  I really wanted to try something different this time but the little morsel of scallop that I tasted the last round still lingered in my mind so I succumbed and ordered the scallops to start.  Delicious as I remembered but this time round the pork rind was more crispy - much better.  

Hawksworth seared scallops
seared weathervane scallops, xo, beech mushroom, edamame, crackling
For my main, I decided to go with the jungle pork curry.  Great choice.  The pineapple and pork went very well together.  The pork was super tender and juicy, cooked just right.  The curry was slightly spicy, very rich and flavourful.   It went well with the fragrant basmati rice which was presented in a small cute cast iron pot.   I'm fussy about my rice as it is a Chinese staple and like my rice a bit more moist and soft - but that's just me.
Hawksworth Jungle Pork Curry
jungle pork curry, jack fruit, eggplant, basmati, pineapple salad

My other dining companions ordered the dungeness crab salad, crispy halibut tempura and the morel mushroom orchietti so I had a photo and they said the dishes were all very good. 

Hawksworth Dungeness Crab Salad
dungeness crab salad, lemon, heart of palm, celery
Hawksworth Crispy Halibut
crispy halibut tempura, black bean yuzu crumbs, endive, cilantro, chili, miso tartar
Hawksworth Morel Mushroom Orchietti
morel mushroom orchietti, brocollini, chili, parmesean, fennel crumbs
Hawksworth Valronha Milk Chocolate Mousse with Passion Fruit
Valrohna Milk Chocolate Mousse with Passion Fruit
We were too full for dessert but all of us took a small scoop of the chocolate mousse and passion fruit - perfect way to end the meal.

The presentation is just lovely,  the food is consistent,  I love how there is much Asian influence in the menu.  I'll be back soon for dinner.

This time round I saw David Hawksworth but didn't approach him for a photo....maybe the next time.

Check out my first visit to Hawksworth  and their summer tasting menu.

801 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6C
(604) 682-5566
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