Monday, June 6, 2011

Grand Dynasty

We've been to Grand Dynasty a couple of times and like the place more and more...I guess because we now know what to order.   There was one off day though - the dishes were too sweet, too salty etc but the other times we were, the food was good.   They do the sauteed foods and fried rice and noodles very well.   The decor is very tastefully done.  It's been full every time we are there on a weekend so make sure you make a reservation.

I always forget to take photos so here are some of what we've tried ...
Bamboo Pith Soup
Dungeness Crab
Dou Miao with Fish Maw
Fried Egg, beansprout and fish maw - this dish was very well done
Sliced Beef with Spring Onion - great with fried rice
Spotted Prawns fried with Premium Soya Sauce, Ginger and Spring Onion
Fried Stuffed Tofu with Thousand Island Sauce
Nicely fried and very tasty for a vegetarian dish - ask for the sauce on the side.

Mango Pudding
Some other dishes that we've tried :
Sauteed Prawn Sze Chuan Style
Sauteed Scallop  and Sweet Pea with XO Sauce
Peking Duck - saw a lot of people order this and tried it but I've had better
Deep Fried Duck Filet with Taro - the Taro was too sweet - off day
Deep Fried Prawn with Taro
Dried Scallop  and Egg White Fried Rice
Pan Fried Rice Noodle with Beef
Homemade Beancurd - comes in a small bucket that can be shared by about 6 pple.  Piping hot and served with sweet ginger sauce.
Layered Coconut Pudding

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