Friday, June 10, 2011

Bella Gelataria

Since I didn't get any dessert at Hawksworth I was feeling greedy.  Walking around down town, I remembered the gelato place that I passed by last year next to the Vancouver Convention Centre which I had wanted to try.  It was nice and warm out and perfect for some gelato.    

The first flavour that caught my eye was the Saffron Rosewater - what an unusual combination for gelato.  There were pistachios mixed in with the saffron and rosewater as well a frozen pieces of devonshire cream ( I could have done away with this but for those of you who love cream, it would be interesting).  I liked the delicate rosewater flavour and the pistachios.   

Saffron Rosewater 
In hindsight, I should have had this in a cup if I wanted to take a decent photo.  I had to slurp up the goodness before it melted so it was a good few minutes before I sat down to take a photo.  Sorry for the half eaten shot.  

I would definitely be back to try their other flavours.
Bella Gelateria: Old-World Handcrafted Gelato on Urbanspoon


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