Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Redd - Yountville

Redd Spring Salad Tasting Menu
Spring Salad
Redd Yellowfin Tuna Tatare
Yellowfin tuna tartare, asian pear, chili oil, fried rice, cilantro
Redd Skate
I think this was the skate - my favourite dish
Rich flavours of saffron, curry and chorizo 
Redd Lobster Risotto
Carnaroli risotto, maine lobster, meyer lemon confit, truffle oil
Redd Glazed Pork Belly
Glazed pork belly, apple purée, burdock, soy caramel
Redd Duck Confit
Crisp duck confit, lentils, foie gras meatballs, späetzle
Redd Lamb
Redd Steak and Shortribs
Prime new york steak and shortribs, salt potatoes, bacon and spring onion ragout
Redd Cheesecake
Redd Trio of Chocolate
Trio of Chocolate Desserts - A chocolate lovers dream
Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Sorbet and a Chocolate Drink
Left me wanting more
The 5 course tasting menu is decided by the chef and we were a bit hesitant in choosing the tasting menu as we had a few dishes that we wanted to try and weren't sure if they would be included.  We asked the server if the pork belly, lobster risotto and scallops were on the tasting menu and he confirmed that they were.  We also asked if he could arrange dishes that didn't have cheese in it for me.  Not an issue there.  OK.  Tasting menu it was then. 

The restaurant was crowded when we were seated.   It was very noisy as there were a couple of big groups.  The decor of the restaurant is very modern and minimalistic with a lot of wood and mirrors which I liked but it doesn't help with the noise.  Redd does have a nice patio to sit out on a nice summer night which probably won't get as noisy.  

The first course arrived promptly but we waited 20-25min in between the first and second course - way too long a wait for my taste.  The server did notice and went to check on our second course for us.  

When the second course finally arrived, the skate was crispy on the outside and buttery smooth on the inside, the broth was very flavourful with clam, saffron, curry and chorizo.  Definitely a special dish with very unique flavours.  I like. 

Another boo boo was that they served me cheesecake for dessert when I had specifically asked for no cheese in my menu.  No worries - I swapped D for his chocolate dessert.

Generally all the dishes were very well executed.  It was nice that we both had different menus each so that we could try a lot of dishes.  I enjoyed the meal but for the long wait and the boo boo with my dessert.  Plus they didn't serve any scallops which they said would be included in the tasting menu.   No doubt Chef Reddington is very talented and it shows in the food and menu but it is the little things that make the meal memorable and special don't you think?

6480 Washington St
YountvilleCA 94599
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