Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ad Hoc - Yountville

ad hoc

ad hoc brocolini salad
Broccolini Salad

 shaved red onions, poached hen egg, fried croutons, cerignola black olives
 breakfast radish, tondo balsamic
ad hoc skirt steak
Grilled Beef Skirt Steak

 mixed marble potatoes, king trumpet mushrooms
 tfl garden baby carrots, caramelized cabbage melted onions

Cheese Course - Barley Buzzed -  living watercress, toasted hazelnuts,  french prune vinaigrette
Apple Tart - calvados caramel, vanilla ice cream
Ad Hoc was supposed to be a temporary restaurant while they decided what to do with the lot.  However, the food they served was so good and the response so overwhelming that they are now permanently open as a restaurant.   Thank goodness for that because the food we had was indeed good.  The menu at Ad Hoc changes daily and they serve just one set menu a day.   We were pleasantly surprised that there was a rabbit ragout that was available as a side in addition to the preset menu.  I like the family style plating and service.  We shared the wine pairings as D had to drive.   The food was simple, hearty, fresh and extremely well executed.   I enjoyed the meal and would definitely come back again.
BB goofing around
Ad Hoc 

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