Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lavender Food Court - Singapore

I usually make a beeline for the xiao long bao and zha jiang mian at the Lavender Food Court.  Try their "wo tie" fried dumplings too.  If you want to eat as locals do in Singapore, this is the place to go.  It is off the usual beaten path for tourists but there is a good variety of food to keep everyone happy.
lavender food court xiao long bao
Xiao Long Bao
lavender food court zha jiang mian
Zha Jiang Mian
These noodles are handmade after you order and you can see them pulling on the dough to make the fresh noodles.  It takes a couple of minutes only and you can a fresh bowl of steaming noodles.  

Other things to try at Lavender Food Court:
frog leg porridge, rojak, turtle soup, fishball noodles, chicken wings

Lavender Food Court 


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