Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowmobiling in Whistler

D wasn't taking any chances this year.  After I cracked 2 ribs skiing last year, he put his foot down and said no skiing this year.  I said ok.  Let's do snowmobiling instead.  I figured since I hadn't been training and keeping in shape - it would be a less painful alternative.  No old aching muscles or lack thereof.
Snowmobiling was fun - we did the tandem ride so we changed drivers every once in awhile.  Even though it's motorized, the snowmobile is a 600 tonne machine and takes a bit of muscles to steer it through the snow.   I was aching the next day.

We got tossed off taking a turn too quickly.  There is our guide trying to dig us out.  I was completely thrown off but luckily there was lots of soft white snow to break the fall.

We got lovely views as we started on an early ride and the sun was just peaking through the clouds in some areas - just spectacular.  The air was amazingly fresh.  It is something that I will do again.

Beautiful Whistler Backcounrty
The company provides boots, goggles and helmet if you don't have any.  Dress warm as it is a chilly ride.



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