Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almond Croissants

Everytime we go down to Seattle, we make a stop at Le Panier in Pike's Place market to get chocolate almond croissants. They've got the best croissants ever.... better even than in Paris. I dream of those croissants.

I know whatever I make won't come close to Le Panier but here goes. Croissants are difficult to make so I don't want to attempt making a croissant. I got 16 small croissants from Costco and made the almond cream.

Le Panier Chocolate Almond Croissants
Syrup: dissolve 2 tbsp sugar + 1 cup water and place in a shallow dish

Almond Cream
3/4 cup sugar
145g blanched almonds
pinch of salt
100g unsalted butter
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla

Combine sugar, almond and salt in a food processor and mix till finely ground. Add the butter and mix again till well blended. Add in eggs one by one and process till creamy.

Preheat over to 350F and line cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Slice each croissant and dip one by one into the syrup. Coat both sides and ends ( should be moist. Spread the inside with 1tbsp of filling and coat the top with a thin layer. Spread slice almonds.

Option: You can put some dark chocolate into the croissant as well.

Bake for 12-15 min until almond cream is set and golden. Transfer to cooling rack - dust with confectioner's sugar if you want but I think it's already sweet enough.


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