Thursday, December 17, 2009

Macaron Madness

Since the caramel macarons, I've come to the conclusion that 1) It is worth every cent paying for Pierre Herme macarons and 2) I can't separate egg whites - even D's 9-year old niece A can do it better. I've been messing around with the recipe substituting the egg whites for carton egg whites - these don't whip up into a proper meringue but more or less works without me wasting tons of eggs to get a couple of egg whites.

The recipe for the macaron remains very much the same, just varying the colouring and changing the cream filling.

So far I've made Rose Lychee Macarons, Peppermint Macarons and Chestnut Macarons

I also had the mad mad idea of making these for my wedding favors. D is glad that it was really a fleeting moment.


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