Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tamarind Hill - Authentic Malaysian Food

Coming from Singapore - this place is as close to the hawker food you find in Singapore. Given that Malaysia and Singapore are only separated by a small strait and Singapore was once part of Malaya, there are some similarities in our food.

We started off with a Roti Canai, similar to Roti Prata in Singapore, served with curry. This was delicious - slightly crisp yet still fluffy when you bite into it. Sorry I didn't bring a proper camera so these dim pictures were the best I could do.
tamarind hill roti
There were only 2 of us but we followed with an order of beef rendang, hokkien mee and a hainanese chicken rice. I was drooling over the chicken rice and forgot to take a photo (this happens very often)

The hokkien mee had the wok fried smoky taste and the beef rendang was sedap :). Satisfied my craving for hawker food.

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