Saturday, November 14, 2009


This is the first time I'm baking from scratch. I realize there is a whole new vocabulary I have to learn...baking tray, parchment paper ... I used the recipe from the America's Test Kitchen and it was simple to follow though for a beginner like me, instructions like cut the butter into 1/4 inch pieces had me scratching my head. Was it 1/4 inch cube or just 1/4 inch cut right from the block of butter I had in front of me? Plus being used to the metric system, I had to convert the recipe from ounces/cups to ml and g. After all that, I think it came out rather well.

I was flipping through the recipes looking for my next project and chanced upon one for macarons. Having just come back from Paris and tasting those delectable Pierre Herme macarons in every flavour... dare I try to make a macaron as my next project? I think I need a KitchenAid Mixer first and more experience trying to bake but I will try to make a batch before the year is out :)


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