Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chocolate Torte

It was supposed to be a simple recipe using a box of chocolate brownie mix, some nuts, butter, milk and eggs, stick it in the over at 325F for 35-45min and viola the simplest chocolate torte - ever. I did everything the recipe called for, I couldn't figure out why the centre was still so wet after 45min. So I put it in for another 5min, then another 5 min - after which I decided to take it out regardless. Oh well, even though the sides were a bit dry, it still did taste good. Afterall, with so much butter and the box of triple chocolate Ghiradrelli brownie mix - how could it not?

I was still perplexed - what did I do wrong?

Finally, as D was helping wash up he said, " Did you know you had 2 baking pans here?" OOOHHH


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