Monday, November 23, 2009

Caramel Macarons

Brownie and Toffee eying the scones and macarons.

I was apprehensive trying out the macarons as there seemed so much room for error. I used the recipe from Girl Cook in Paris where she had described everything methodically so that I could follow it step by step easily. I wasn't sure how long I should have whipped the Italian meringue and caramel buttercream but it turned out alright. Apparently Italian meringues are much more stable and easier to work with so that must have helped my batch! I'm also happy that it worked out relatively well on the first try and am encouraged now to try new recipes. Thank you Girl Cook in Paris!

My first batch which I stuck into the oven directly after piping them out spread too much and they kind of just blended together into a mass, didn't have much feet and cracked on the surface. I then piped the next batch further apart and left it to rest for about half and hour so that there was a layer of skin before baking and they turned out smooth and nice. I will endeavour to pipe more regular meringues as most of them turned out quite a few sizes :) The next time I try it I'm also going to go for much smaller ones so that I don't get that sugar rush and high after just one macaron.

Yippeee! I'm definitely going to be trying out more recipes to satisfy my macaron cravings.


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